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Tucson Kitchen & Bathroom Refinishing Services

Bathroom Refinishing is a comprehensive process that involves revitalizing various bathroom surfaces and fixtures, including bathtubs, showers, sinks, tiles, and countertops. It is an excellent option for homeowners who want to update their bathrooms without the expense and hassle of a full renovation.

The refinishing process typically begins with a thorough cleaning of all surfaces to remove dirt, grime, and soap scum. Any chips, cracks, or imperfections in fixtures such as bathtubs or sinks are repaired using specialized fillers. Once the repairs are completed, a high-quality coating or refinishing material is applied to the surfaces to restore their appearance and durability.

One of the primary benefits of bathroom refinishing is cost-effectiveness. Refinishing is significantly more affordable than completely replacing fixtures or tiles. It lets homeowners achieve a fresh, updated look without breaking the bank. Moreover, refinishing eliminates the need for extensive demolition and construction, saving both time and money.

Bathroom refinishing also offers a wide range of customization options. Various colors, finishes, and textures are available for coatings, allowing homeowners to create a personalized and stylish look that matches their aesthetic preferences. It provides an opportunity to modernize the bathroom and enhance its overall design without the expense of purchasing new fixtures.

In addition to the visual transformation, refinishing improves bathroom fixtures’ functionality and longevity. The coatings used in the process create a protective barrier that is resistant to stains, scratches, and chips. This makes the surfaces easier to clean and maintain, ensuring they remain in good condition for years to come.

Furthermore, bathroom refinishing is a time-efficient process. Unlike full-scale renovations that can take weeks or even months to complete, refinishing can usually be done in a matter of days (if not hours). This means minimal disruption to the household and allows homeowners to start enjoying their updated bathroom sooner.

Another advantage of bathroom refinishing is its eco-friendliness. Refinishing eliminates the need for the disposal of old fixtures, reducing waste and contributing to a more sustainable approach. It is a greener option compared to replacing and discarding perfectly functional bathroom elements.

In conclusion, bathroom refinishing is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to give their bathroom a facelift without the expense and inconvenience of a full renovation. With its cost-effectiveness, customization options, improved functionality, and eco-friendly nature, refinishing provides a practical and efficient solution to transform the look and feel of a bathroom. Whether it’s updating fixtures, restoring surfaces, or modernizing the overall design, bathroom refinishing offers a convenient and affordable way to achieve a fresh and inviting space.

Our company also does minor repairs, which consist of repairing porcelain chips and fiberglass cracks; no job is too small, and we have expanded to doing bigger projects.  We have contracts with some of the local and national home builders to repair the bathtubs and showers in new homes, and all of our work comes with a minimum three-year warranty, no questions asked.


Our Main Jobs:

    • Bathtubs Reglazing
    • Sinks Reglazing
    • Bathroom Wall tiles
    • Floor tiles
    • Fiberglass one-piece tub/shower and wall units
    • Acrylic one-piece tub/shower unit with ceiling
    • Ceramic shower stall basin and walls
    • Antique claw foot tub restoration
    • Shower basins Fiberglass spot repair
    • Porcelain spot repairs   Non-skid surfaces
    • Previously refinished products
    • Kitchen sinks
    • Formica countertops
    • Kitchen cabinets – Refinishing & Installation

Bringing back the Beauty of your Bathrooms.

We offer expert Shower & Bathtub Reglazing / Refinishing, Porcelain Chip Repair, Formica Counters Refinishing, Porcelain Spot Repairs, and more!


We use quality reglazing products and ensure we leave your bathtubs, sinks, and showers ready to use in 12-24 hours.

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